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Accounting Education Research

Accounting Education Research


Routledge (Reino Unido)

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Idioma inglés. Prize-Winning Contributions

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An annual prize is awarded for the best paper appearing in Accounting Education: an international journal, and this book contains the prize-winning papers for every year from 1992 to 2012. The journal's primary mission since the first issue was published in March 1992 has been to enhance the educational base of accounting practice, and all the papers in this book relate to that mission. These papers, reporting on research studies undertaken by accounting education scholars from around the world, build on research findings from the broader domain of education scholarship and embrace a wide array of topics - including: curriculum development, pedagogic innovation, improving the quality of learning, and assessing learning outcomes. Of particular interest are three themes, each of which runs through several of the papers: * students' approaches to learning and learning style preferences; * ethics and moral intensity; and * innovation within the accounting curriculum. Accounting educators will find many ideas in the book to help them in enriching their work, and accounting education researchers will be able to identify many points of departure for extending the studies on which the papers report - whether comparatively or longitudinally. This book is a compilation of papers originally published in Accounting Education: an international journal.

Introduction Richard M.S. Wilson 1. 1992: Purposes and Paradigms of Management Accounting: Beyond Economic Reductionism Martin Kelly and Michael Pratt 2. 1993: From Fresher to Finalist: A Three Year Analysis of Student Performance on an Accounting Degree Programme Susan Bartlett, Michael J. Peel and Maurice Pendlebury 3. 1994: Teaching Ethics in Accounting and the Ethics of Accounting Teaching: Educating for Immorality and a Possible Case for Social and Environmental Accounting Education Rob Gray, Jan Bebbington and Ken McPhail 4. 1995: Competence is Not Enough: Meta-competence and Accounting Education Reva Berman Brown and Sean McCartney 5. 1996: Fostering Deep and Active Learning through Assessment Len Hand, Peter Sanderson and Mike O'Neil 6. 1997: Improving the Quality of Accounting Students' Learning through Action-oriented Learning Tasks Ralph W. Adler and Markus J. Milne 7. 1998: Exporting Accounting Education to East Africa - Squaring the Circle Patrick J. Devlin and Alan D. Godfrey 8. 1999: The Quality of Learning in Accounting Education: The Impact of Approaches to Learning on Academic Performance Peter Booth, Peter Luckett and Rosina Mladenovic 9. 2000: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles to Learner-centred Approaches in Tertiary Accounting Education: A Field Study and Survey of Accounting Educators' Perceptions Ralph W. Adler, Markus J. Milne and Carolyn P. Stringer 10. 2001: A Study of Students' Perceptions of the Usefulness of Case Studies for the Development of Finance and Accounting-related Skills and Knowledge Sidney Weil, Peter Oyelere, Joanna Yeoh and Colin Firer 11. 2002: Accountability of Accounting Educators and the Rhythm of the University: Resistance Strategies for Postmodern Blues Russell Craig and Joel Amernic 12. 2003: A Comparison of the Dominant Meta-programme Patterns in Accounting Undergraduate Students and Accounting Lecturers at a U.K. Business School Nigel Brown 13. 2004: Encouraging a Deep Approach to Learning through Curriculum Design Linda English, Peter Luckett and Rosina Mladenovic 14. 2005: Perceptions of the Learning Context and Learning Approaches: Implications for Quality Learning Outcomes in Accounting Beverley Jackling 15. 2006: Using Dimensions of Moral Intensity to Predict Ethical Decision-making in Accounting Deborah L. Leitsch 16. 2006: Accounting Textbooks: Exploring the Production of a Cultural and Political Artifact John Ferguson, David Collison, David Power and Lorna Stevenson 17. 2007: Concept Mapping in a Financial Accounting Theory Course Jon Simon 18. 2008: Introducing a Learning Portfolio in an Undergraduate Financial Accounting Course Grant Samkin and Graham Francis 19. 2009: Moral Intensity and Ethical Decision-making: An Empirical Examination of Undergraduate Accounting and Business Students Breda Sweeney and Fiona Costello 20. 2010: The Role of Cultural Factors in the Learning Style Preferences of Accounting Students: A Comparative Study between Japan and Australia Satoshi Sugahara and Gregory Boland 21. 2011: Understanding Student Plagiarism: An Empirical Study in Accounting Education Xin Guo 22. 2012: Expanding the Horizons of Accounting Education: Incorporating Social and Critical Perspectives Gordon Boyce, Susan Greer, Bill Blair and Cindy Davids 

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