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Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology: Fundamentals, Advances, and Practices for a Greener Future

Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology: Fundamentals, Advances, and Practices for a Greener Future


Apple Academic Press Inc. (Estados Unidos)

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This new volume, Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology: Fundamentals, Advances, and Practices for a Greener Future, looks at the application of a variety of technologies, both fundamental and advanced, that are being used for crop improvement, metabolic engineering, and the development of transgenic plants. .

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The science of agriculture is among the oldest and most intensely studied by mankind. Human intervention has led to manipulation of plant gene structure for the use of plants for the production of bioenergy, food, textiles, among other industrial uses. A sound knowledge of enzymology as well as the various biosynthetic pathways is required to further utilize microbes as sources to provide the desired products for industrial utility. This volume provides an overview of all these aspects along with an updated review of the major plant biotechnology procedures and techniques, their impact on novel agricultural development, and crop plant improvement. Also discussed are the use of "white biotechnology" and "metabolic engineering" as prerequisites for a sustainable development. The importance of patenting of plant products, world food safety, and the role of several imminent organizations have also been discussed.
The book is divided into two sections. Part 1, on biocatalysis and agriculture biotechnology, covers the fundamentals and the latest advances in the field of biocatalysis, an interdisciplinary subject that includes aspects of both organic and inorganic chemistry. This section covers a range of topics from enzymology to different classes of enzymes and their applications in their native or immobilized state (as whole cells in aqueous as well as nonconventional media) to an in-depth description of catalytic mechanisms. Techniques such as "white biotechnology" and the fact that biocatalysis is one of the main prerequisites for a sustainable development are also discussed.
Part 2 of the book covers agricultural biotechnology and novel agricultural practices. Conventional and advanced practices are discussed in detail, including the scope and history of agricultural biotechnology, crop improvement practices, plant tissue culture, genetic modification for crop improvement, and production of transgenic crops, as well as regulation and patenting of plant products, etc. The authors also discuss the requirements of global food safety and their importance in today’s world.
The volume provides holistic view that makes it a valuable source of information not only for researchers of agriculture and biotechnology, along with agricultural engineers, environmental biologists, environmental engineers, and environmentalists. Short exercises at the end of the chapters help to make the book suitable for course work in agriculture biotechnology, genetics, biology, biotechnology, and plant science

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