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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


Oxford University Press (Reino Unido)

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The second edition of this successful textbook examines the multiple dimensions to corporate responsibility. It creates a framework that presents a historical and interdisciplinary overview of the field; a summary of different management approaches; and a review of the key actors and trends worldwide.

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The authors take a critical perspective and successfully provide a balance between theory and practice. They offer comprehensive coverage of the subject, combining an insightful, interdisciplinary, approach with the pedagogy and support sought after by students. This second edition provides an increased focus on developing countries, social enterprise, and small and medium-sized organizations. Online Resource Centre: For lecturers: An additional case study for each chapter of the book, around 1000 words in length, complete with essay and discussion questions Images from the book Trailers of films which illustrate corporate responsibility issues (including The Corporation and Enron), together with teaching notes (NEW) For students: Web links Further reading and email listservs Additional case study sources Suggested films Web exercises

PART ONE: THE MEANING AND ORIGINS OF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY; 1. Introducing Corporate Responsibility; 2. The Origins of Corporate Responsibility; 3. Sustainable Development in the Changing Business Environment; 4. Corporate Responsibility in Developing Economies; 5. Globalization and Corporate Responsibility; PART TWO: MANAGING AND IMPLEMENTING CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY; 6. How Corporate Responsibility is Managed and the Business Case; 7. The Place of Corporate Responsibility in the Corporate Governance Framework; 8. Social Accounting; 9. Stakeholder Management and Engagement; 10. Socially Responsible Investment; 11. Corporate Responsibility in Smaller Enterprises and Social Enterprise; PART THREE: THE IMPACT, CRITICS, AND FUTURE OF CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY; 12. The Impact of Corporate Responsibility; 13. Criticisms of Corporate Responsibility; 14. The Future of Corporate Responsibility



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