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Global Business

Global Business


Oxford University Press (Estados Unidos)

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In the wake of the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump, globalization has found itself increasingly under the microscope. An active international discussion is underway, and the ideological viewpoint that the reversal of globalization and a return to protectionism and isolation will cure the world's ills is touted by many. In the midst of the growing prominence of international interconnectivity and contradicting attention attained by skewed misinformation about global impact, Global Business is a straightforward commentary on mega trends in globalization. With insights and observations from academics, practitioners, and practical thinkers from around the world Global Business demystifies the economic, social, and cultural impacts of globalism and globalization, and presents a balanced explanation of what is happening and how it affects everyone. It highlights that technology and change are not new, and explores the path taken to reach our current interconnected global state. It encourages a realistic examination of where we are and invites a dialogue on where we can go together.

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Part I: The World Today 1: Global Impacts from the White House to a Kenyan House 2: Is Globalization Killing Local Businesses? 3: Inclusive Capitalism and the Return of Social Purpose 4: Technological Disruption in Global Finance 5: The Changing Face of Leadership 6: The Role of Non-Governmental Organisations Part II: The Changing World View 7: Life Blood of Global Business: Oil and Gas 8: Emerging Economies as Growth Drivers 9: China's Re-Emergence to Global Power 10: The Knowledge Barons of India 11: Africa and the Curse of Natural Resources 12: Australia the Hidden Jewel Part III: The Tumultuous World 13: Geopolitical Upheavals: Brexit and Trump 14: Disruptive Technologies Driving Growth 15: Lifestyle Innovations Generating New Businesses 16: Analytics Taming the Data Monster Part IV: The World Tomorrow 17: The Future of Work and the Changing Workplace 18: The Future of Human Workers 19: Entrepreneurship the New Driver of Business 20: The Future of Globalization

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