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Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman


Oxford University Press (Reino Unido)

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Contributions to Economics and Public Policy

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Milton Friedman is widely regarded as one of the most influential economists of the twentieth century. Although he made many important contributions to both economic theory and policy - most clearly demonstrated by his development of and support for monetarism - he was also active in various spheres of public policy, where he more often than not pursued his championing of the free market and liberty. This volume assesses the importance of the full range of Friedman's ideas, from his work on methodology in economics, his highly innovative consumption theory, and his extensive research on monetary economics, to his views on contentious social and political issues such as education, conscription, and drugs. It also presents personal recollections of Friedman by some of those who knew him, both as students and colleagues, and offers new evidence on Friedman's interactions with other noted economists, including George Stigler and Lionel Robbins. The volume provides readers with an up to date account of Friedman's work and continuing influence and will help to inform and stimulate further research across a variety of areas, including macroeconomics, the history of economic thought, as well as the development and different uses of public policy. With contributions from a stellar cast, this book will be invaluable to academics and students alike.

Introduction Part 1. Reflections on Friedman 1. Milton Friedman as Teacher and Scholar, Robert E. Lucas, Jr. 2. Milton Friedman: An Appreciation, Arnold C. Harberger 3. Remembering Milton Friedman, Gregory C. Chow 4. The Place of Milton Friedman in the History of Economic Thought, Bennett T. McCallum 5. Milton Friedman's Public Life After Retirement, 1976-1988, Allan H. Meltzer Part 2. Monetary Theory and Policy 6. Milton Friedman as an Empirical Modeler, Neil R. Ericsson, David F. Hendry, and Stedman B. Hood 7. Milton Friedman and US Monetary History, Michael D. Bordo 8. Reflections on Friedman's Macroeconomics, Richard Selden 9. Reflections on Milton Friedman, the South during the Civil War, and Current Events, Eugene Lerner 10. Milton Friedman's Monetary Economics: Theory and Empirics, James R. Lothian 11. Friedman, Chicago, and Monetary Rules, Harris Dellas and George S. Tavlas 12. Why and How Should a Monetary Economy be Stabilised? The Forgotten Lessons of Milton Friedman, Sylvie Rivot 13. Friedman's Characterization of the Natural Rate of Unemployment, K. Vela Velupillai 14. What Would Milton Friedman Have Thought of Market Monetarism?, Scott B. Sumner 15. Friedman and Divisia Monetary Measures, William A. Barnett 16. Arthur Burns and Milton Friedman: Why did the Master (Burns) and the Disciple (Friedman) Understand Inflation in a Diametrically Opposed Way?, Robert L. Hetzel 17. Milton Friedman and the Federal Reserve Chairs in the 1970s, Edward Nelson 18. Monetary Targeting in Australia: Problems of Control and Prediction, Selwyn Cornish 19. Milton Friedman, the Quantity Theory and Hyperinflation in Russia, Vincent Barnett Part 3. Consumption Theory, Fiscal Policy, and Public Policy 20. Friedman's Theory of Income and Consumption, Then and Now, John J. Seater 21. Milton Friedman's Contributions to Fiscal Economics, Michael J. Boskin 22. Milton Friedman's Contributions to Measuring the Income Effects of Borrowed Government Deficits, Robert D. Auerbach 23. Milton Friedman and the Finance of Higher Education, Nicholas Barr 24. Milton Friedman, Drug Legalization, and Public Policy, Mark Thornton 25. Milton Friedman and Occupational Licensing, Morris M. Kleiner 26. Slaves or Mercenaries? Milton Friedman and the Institution of the All-Volunteer Military, John D. Singleton 27. Straining the Social Bond: Government Policy vs. Social Custom in Capitalism and Freedom, Paul Turpin Part 4. Methodology 28. On Reading and Misreading Friedman's 1953 Methodology Essay, Lawrence A. Boland 29. Milton Friedman's Methodology, Macroeconomics, and the Great Recession, Patrick Minford 30. Milton Friedman: A Bayesian?, Gerald P. Dwyer 31. Friedman and the Cowles Commission, Marcel Boumans Part 5. Friedman and Other Economists 32. Milton Friedman: Constructing an Anti-Keynes, Craig Freedman, G.C. Harcourt, Peter Kriesler, and J.W. Nevile 33. The Economics and Political Economy of Milton Friedman: An Old Keynesian Critique, Thomas I. Palley 34. Friedman and his Collegial Detractors, Russell S. Boyer 35. Milton Friedman and George J. Stigler: Early Interactions and Connections, J. Daniel Hammond 36. Friedman and the Austrians, Roger W. Garrison 37. Milton Friedman, James Buchanan and Constitutional Political Economy, Peter J. Boettke and Rosolino Candela 38. Friedman and Robbins, Susan Howson 39. Friedman and Viner, Douglas A. Irwin 40. Economists as forecasters: Milton Friedman and Paul Samuelson, 1970-1974, Robert A. Cord

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