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Plant Viruses

Plant Viruses


Global Science Books, Ltd. (Japón)

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Frequency and Peer status: Biannual, Peer reviewed

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Scope and target readership: Plant Viruses is dedicated to all aspects pertaining to viruses or viroids affecting plants at all levels of organization. 
Plant Viruses will consider manuscripts that explore the following topics: 
1) Assay of viruses and viral infectivity and the investigation of transmission and pathogenicity; 
2) Detection and identification of viruses and viral infections; 
3) Local response of infection (cells, organs, tissues), including local immunity and pathology; 
4) Mechanism of natural and acquired host resistance against virus infections; 
5) Methods for studying the morphology, assembly, replication, composition, function and physiochemical properties of viruses and their components; 
6) Methods for investigating the suppression or inhibition of viral growth; 
7) Molecular and cell biology of plant-virus interactions (molecular biology of virus multiplication, molecular pathogenesis, molecular aspects of control and prevention of viral infections); 
8) Preparation and characterization of plant antiviral immunoglobulins; 
9) Properties of viral antigens, production of antibody, and techniques for studying plant immune responses; 
10) Purification of viruses and their components; 
11) Safety and efficiency assessment and field trials; 
12) Virus or viroid structure, replication, and pathogenesis: virus morphology, the function and antigenic analysis of virus structural components, virus genome structure and expression, analysis of virus replication processes, effects of viruses on their host cells, including oncogene activation and transduction, neoplastic transformation, and the pathogenesis of virus infections including tumour 
Findings of viruses infecting other organisms may be considered for Plant Viruses if they shed a new light on possible parallel mechanisms of functioning, action or defense in plants. 
Jaime A. Teixeira da Silva, Kagawa University, Japan 
Technical Editor 
Kasumi Shima, Japan 
Statistics Advisor 
Marcin Kozak, Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland 
Editorial Board and Advisory Panels (Listed alphabetically) 
Abed Gera, The Volcani Center, Israel 
Kathleen Hefferon, Cornell University, USA 
P. Lava Kumar, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Nigeria 
Bikash Mandal, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India 
Giovanni P. Martelli, Universitá degli Studi/Centro di Studio del CNR sui Virus e le Virosi delle Colture Mediterranee, Italy 
Gustavo Nolasco, Universidade do Algarve, Portugal 
Pradeep Sharma, Tohoku University, Japan 
Rudra P. Singh, Potato Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada 
Lining Tian, Southern Crop Protection and Food Research Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Canada 
Aiming Wang, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/The University of Western Ontario, Canada

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