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The Oxford Handbook of the European Union

The Oxford Handbook of the European Union


Oxford University Press (Reino Unido)

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Idioma inglés. This is an authoritative, one-volume, and independent treatment of the history, functioning and nature of the European integration. Written by a selection of leading scholars. It covers the major institutions, policies, and events in the history of integration, whilst also providing a guide to the major theoretical approaches that have been used to study it over time. By bringing together such a distinguished cast covering such a wide array of themes, the Handbook is intended as a one stop shop for all those interested in the European Union and its predecessors. Written in an accessible style, the volume is intended to shape the discipline of EU studies, and to establish itself as the essential point of reference for all those interested in European integration, both in universities and more broadly. It represents a timely guide to an institution that is much discussed but often only imperfectly understood.

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PART I: PERSPECTIVES ; 1. Realist, Intergovernmentalist, and Institutionalist Approaches ; 2. Neo-functionalism and Supranational Governance ; 3. Constructivist Perspectives ; 4. Sociological Perspectives on European Integration ; 5. Multilevel Governance ; PART II: TREATIES ; 6. Treaties of Paris ; 7. The Treaties of Rome ; 8. The Single European Act ; 9. The Treaty of Maastricht ; 10. The Treaty of Amsterdam ; 11. Treaty of Nice ; 12. The Constitutional Treaty and Lisbon ; PART III: MAJOR PERSONALITIES ; 13. The Founding Fathers ; 14. Dynamic Franco-German Duos: Giscard-Schmidt and Mitterrand-Kohl ; 15. Problematic Partners: de Gaulle, Thatcher and their Impact ; 16. The Presidents and Presidency of the European Commission ; 17. Famous Non-Performers: Franco Malfatti, Gaston Thorn, and Jacques Santer ; PART IV: MEMBER STATES (CLEAVAGES) ; 18. Large versus Small States: Anti-Hegemony and the Politics of Shared Leadership ; 19. Old vs. New ; 20. Rich Versus Poor ; 21. Coordinated versus Liberal Market Economies ; 22. Leaders and Followers: Leadership amongst Member States in a Differentiated Europe ; PART V: INSTITUTIONS ; 23. Council of Ministers and European Council ; 24. European Commission ; 25. The European Court of Justice and the Legal Dynamics of Integration ; 26. The European Parliament ; 27. Auditors, Ombudsmen ; 28. European Union Agencies ; PART VI: ECONOMIC COMPETENCIES ; 29. Single Market ; 30. Trade Policy ; 31. Competition Policy ; 32. Economic and Monetary Union ; 33. Lisbon strategy (chapter 33, section F: Economic Competencies) ; 34. CAP ; 35. Regional and Structural Funds ; PART VII: SUBSTANTIVE POLICY DEVELOPMENT ; 36. Environmental Policy ; 37. European Consumer Law ; 38. Social Policy and Labour Market Regulation ; 39. European Energy Policy ; 40. The Constitutional Context of (Ever Wider) Policymaking ; PART VIII: COMPETENCIES IN FOREIGN POLICY AND HOME AFFAIRS ; 41. Defence Policy ; 42. The Shadow of Schengen ; 43. Justice and Home Affairs ; 44. Intelligence and the European Union ; 45. The Common Foreign and Security Policy ; PART IX: POLITICAL CONCERNS ; 46. Democracy and Legitimacy in the European Union ; 47. Policy Effectiveness and Transparency in European Policy Making ; 48. Identity and Solidarity ; 49. Political Time in the EU ; 50. Public Opinion and Integration ; 51. Rights (and Obligations) in EU Law ; 52. Bringing the Territory Back in: Towards a New Understanding of the Regional Dimension of the European Union ; 53. Neither an International Organization nor a Nation State: The European Union as a Supranational Federation ; 54. Comparative Regional Integration: Theoretical Developments ; PART X: EU AND THE MEMBER STATES ; 55. Coordination in the European Union ; 56. Burden-Sharing ; 57. Europeanization ; 58. Politicization

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